Dreamfoam Mattress Topper Review: Is it the best for you? Find Out!

by Neil Simons updated 11/12/2020

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ease of use
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  • Ideal for back sleepers to give both comfort and support
  • Side sleepers should experience less pressure relief using this topper
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Neatly replicates that trademark slow shifting feeling of memory foam
  • Get much of the feel of memory foam without the stiff price tag


  • Stomach sleepers might experience back pain
  • Not the most responsive of toppers
  • Anyone with mobility issues could struggle with this topper

Dreamfoam is the budget brand of Brooklyn Bedding. In today’s Dreamfoam mattress topper reviews, we’ll look at how you could reap some of the memory foam’s benefits without buying a new mattress.

We’ll analyze user opinion to determine whether this topper could be a budget-sensitive way to improve your sleep.

About Dreamfoam mattress topper

Suppose you layer the Dreamfoam mattress topper over your existing mattress. In that case, you’ll benefit from 2” of gel swirl memory foam, giving you the support and cradling of this great foam without the steep price tag of a new memory foam mattress.

You’ll get a soft and sinking feeling typical of memory foam.

We’ll assess this topper by category after highlighting the chief advantages and drawbacks of this memory foam topper from Dreamfoam.

Who Is Dreamfoam mattress topper Good For?

Anyone hunting for a bargain will benefit enormously from this topper. Priced at just $67, you’ll enjoy the cradling and supportive feeling of memory foam at a fraction of the cost.

Back sleepers and side sleepers should both reap a combination of comfort and support using this topper.

Our Research Process

We aim to review mattresses and mattress toppers so you can easily compare and contrast them. To do this, we need a consistent format that you can cross-reference.

We start our research by assessing the official website. We then see where else you can buy these products and analyze a selection of third-party sellers. The bulk of our analysis takes the form of user reviews to determine how this mattress topper performs across the same vital categories.

Let’s get right down to business now with our Dreamfoam mattress topper reviews.

Our Dreamfoam mattress topper Review

Back Pain Relief (4/5)

If you suffer from any back pain type, it’s vital to get the correct sleeping surface.

The 2” of memory foam means you should get proper support if you have back pain. The topper also presses up nicely into your lumbar region.

There’s a deep body of user testimony asserting that using this topper can undoubtedly help counter back pain to some extent.

Considering the construction of this topper and the overwhelming number of user reviews flagging relief from back pain, we rate this topper 4 out 5 for general back pain relief.

Comfort (5/5)

Placing this topper on your mattress could soften it by perhaps 1.5 points on the firmness scale, considerably more than much of the opposition. 

The key selling point of the Dreamfoam topper, and backed up by a significant number of satisfied users claiming they’re now sleeping better than ever before.

Due to the construction quality and the large number of happy sleepers, we have no hesitation awarding this mattress topper full marks for comfort.

Support (3.5/5)

Support is not the core competency of this topper, but the Dreamfoam still acquits itself admirably. Soft and initially sluggish to respond, you then get that classic feel of sleeping.

We found many reviews from back and side sleepers who claimed using the Dreamfoam topper is a supportive sleeping experience.

Due to the fact stomach sleepers found this mattress much too soft, we scored the Dreamfoam 3.5 out of 5 for support.

Ease of Use (5/5)

When you unbox this topper, an unpleasant smell could linger for several days.

The unfurled topper will take 24 hours or so to expand fully, and then you’re good to start enjoying an uprated sleeping experience without buying a new mattress.

Aside from the standard degassing odors, this topper really couldn’t be easier to use and gains full marks once again.

Bang for Your Buck (5/5)

Given the low price of $67 for this mattress topper and the impressive potential benefits, we score the Dreamfoam 5 out of 5 for value.

The Verdict Is In

Dreamfoam mattress topper scores a 4.5 out of 5.

Aside from a slight lack of support, especially for heavier stomach sleepers, you’ll get memory foam’s advantages without the ruthless price tag.

 Dreamfoam Mattress Topper Alternatives




Dreamfoam is the budget brand of Brooklyn bedding.  Ideal for back sleepers to give comfort and support. 

Recci's mattress topper offer a great workaround to buying a brand new mattress certified by the International Sleep Products Association.  

Sleep Innovations mattress topper make for a smart budget alternative while not sacrificing comfort or quality.  

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