Nectar Mattress Reviews - The Review of the year!!

by Sophia Monroe updated 11/11/2020

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  • Ideal for anyone who sleeps hot in a foam bed
  • Works well for couples easily disturbed by noise and movement
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • Suitable for all sleepers over 130 pounds
  • Warranty valid for lifespan of mattress


  • Likely too firm for super-lightweight sleepers
  • Deep contouring and hugging make you feel like you’re sleeping “in” rather than “on” the mattress

Nectar mattress is a gel memory foam mattress that comes in a wide range of sizes and a couple of firmness settings. In today’s review, we’ll be highlighting the core features of this mattress, along with a detailed summary of user opinion.

Layla Mattress features six layers, including the 4" thick core. The soft side has a 3" copper infused gel memory foam layer in the middle, 2" max airflow support foam at the bottom, and a soft cooling cover at the top. The firm side features a firm cooling cover as the top layer, and a one-inch copper infused gel memory foam layer.

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About Nectar mattress

Nectar mattresses boast three layers of memory foam, allowing for excellent pressure relief and decent motion isolation. Two layers of quilted gel memory foam are laid over a transitional layer – also memory foam – and a supportive polyfoam core. With a removable cover, cleaning is neatly streamlined.

Who Is Nectar mattress Good For?

Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers are all likely to benefit from the Nectar mattress due to the firmness and support offered without too much sinkage.

Since this mattress absorbs less heat than many foam mattresses, anyone who tends to sleep hot should notice an improvement sleeping on the Nectar.

If your sleeping partner’s nocturnal movements wake you repeatedly, you’ll find the impressive motion isolation on this mattress means you won’t be bothered by too much noise or rustling.

Sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds will likely find this mattress too firm for comfort.

Our Research Process

How do we establish which of these mattresses are worth your time, then? 

Well, we kick off by exploring the manufacturer’s website. We’re acutely aware this is effectively a marketing document for the company, so we also analyze third-party reviews.

The primary goal today is to give you a breakdown of how this mattress performs across the categories that count in the eyes of customers. We’re looking for common themes in user reviews, both good and bad. We score these mattresses based on the same criteria.

The result? You can easily compare a full suite of mattresses like-for-like to determine the best fit for you and your sleep partner.

Let’s launch right in with our Nectar mattress review.

Our Mattress Review

Back Pain Relief (4/5)

Do you have any kind of chronic pain or back pain? If so, you need a suitably supportive mattress without being so firm as to introduce more pain.

We found some detailed feedback from users who have arthritis and lower back pain reporting significant benefits after sleeping on this mattress.

Tellingly, we could find almost no contrary testimony except for a single user claiming this mattress is “too hard.”

We’re awarding the Nectar 4 out of 5 for overall pain relief.

Comfort (3/5)

Comfort is a tough and subjective area to pin down conclusively. 

Overall, we found several users previously struggling to sleep, starting to enjoy a full night’s sleep on the Nectar. 

As this memory foam mattress is not soft and plush, and you’ll feel more like you’re sleeping on the mattress than sleeping in it, we’re scoring Nectar mattress 3 out of 5 for comfort.

Support (4/5)

As a medium-firm mattress, support is uppermost.

Many users previously found it hard to get a supportive sleep and commented on the Nectar’s snug and highly contoured feel.

Again, what struck us most firmly was that we could unearth no negative feedback from consumers complaining about a lack of support.

We’re happy to score Nectar mattress 4 out of 5 for support.

Ease of Use (5/5)

The Nectar mattress is easy to set up and use.

Once you unbox the rolled-up mattress and remove the cover, allow it to decompress and puff up to its full shape. This process could take from one to three days. You can sleep on the mattress in the meantime, though.

We again award the Nectar mattress 5 out of 5 for ease of use.

Bang for Your Buck (5/5)

We have no hesitation in awarding Nectar mattress 5 out of 5 for value.

Priced more keenly than many competing memory foam mattresses with no discernible dip in quality, the vast bulk of user feedback references what great value this mattress represents.

Crowned by a lifetime warranty, you’ll get maximum bang for your buck here.

The Verdict Is In

Nectar mattress scores a 4.0 out of 5.

Nectar mattress is a smart choice if you weigh over 130 pounds, and you’re looking for a supportive mattress that’s not too hard or too firm.

Bargain hunters and anyone seeking a lengthy warranty are also in luck.

Overall, it’s tough to find significant fault with the Nectar memory foam mattress.

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Nectar mattress is a gel memory foam mattress that comes in a wide range of sizes and a couple of firmness settings. In today’s review, we’ll be highlighting the core features of this mattress, along with a detailed summary of user opinion.

Lucid is one of the market-leading bedding companies offering a wide range of memory foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses.

Tuft and Needle hybrid mattress is an option that claims to be ideal for a wide range of sleepers. It is a combination of foam and coils that comes with pillow top finish.

Helix Sleep is a dynamic foam mattress ideal for stomach and back sleepers. This LUXE mattress uses zoning technology, which enhances lumbar, spine, and edge support.

FAQ's: Consumers Questions & Answers

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