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by Neil Simons updated 10/14/2020

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Overall Pain Relief
Instant Results
Long-Lasting Relief
Ease of Use
Bang for Your Buck


  • Fast-acting relief from various aches and pains
  • Natural counterirritant ingredients
  • Can provide some relief from chronic pain
  • Large body of positive user testimony
  • Apply up to 4 patches daily


  • Patches don’t address the underlying cause of pain
  • Does not offer long-lasting pain relief

Salonpas patches contain powerful and natural ingredients designed to offer relief from joint pain, backache, stiff necks, and sore shoulders. Today, we’ll assess these analgesic patches to decide whether they’re a worthy investment or a waste of money.

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About Salonpas

Salonpas patches contain counterirritant ingredients that serve to take your mind off the pain signals from the affected area. Instead, the brain focuses on the artificial cooling sensation resulting in short-term relief from a range of pain.

The patches are designed to remain in place for a few hours during the day. You can also use these patches overnight.

To get more information on Salonpas, check out our article what is salonpas.

Who Is Salonpas Good For?

These analgesic pain-relieving patches are ideal if you have an aching neck or shoulders. 

Salonpas patches can also offer temporary relief from the pain flare-ups associated with arthritis.

Given the ease of application, these patches are perfect for pain relief on the go and at home.

Before we grade Salonpas patches for you, how do we arrive at our decision? We’ll walk you through that right now.

You should always consult your healthcare provider before taking any supplement.

Our Research Process

All our research into pain relief products starts with a deep dive into the ingredients. That didn’t take long in the case of Salonpas. These patches contain three proven and powerful active ingredients. Looking to dive deeper into Salonpas, check out this article what is salonpas.

Once we’ve determined the efficacy of the ingredients, we then explore user feedback across a cross-section of sources. We’re looking for the good but, more importantly, the bad. Whatever the pain product, we want you to make a decision based on hard data. We’re here to help you do that, so let’s get right down to business.

Our Salonpas Review

Overall Pain Relief (4/5)

We found an almost unanimously positive experience from users seeking pain relief from these patches.

Users report feeling relief from neck and back pain, the pain associated with arthritis, and sports injuries.

We could unearth very little negative feedback about Salonpas patches.

In the interests of complete honesty, several of our team routinely use these patches, and they genuinely work. Relief from pain is short-term, and nothing is done to work on the root cause of the pain. These factors prevent us from awarding full marks to Salonpas patches for pain relief, but we still score it 4 out of 5.

Instant Results (5/5)

Salonpas patches will start working practically as soon as you apply them. We can’t ask for much more in terms of speed of delivery. Salonpas gets full marks for instant results.

Long-Lasting Relief (3/5)

While Salonpas kicks in near-instantly, pain relief is certainly not long-lasting. We’re scoring Salonpas 3 out of 5 despite this, and here’s why.

These patches do not claim to provide long-lasting relief in one patch. Instead, you can leave a patch in place overnight or reapply patches up to 4 times daily. So, while a single patch won’t keep pain at bay long-term, you can continue using more.

Ease of Use (5/5)

Peel off the backing of these patches, then apply to the affected area. Ease of use could not be improved, so we score Salonpas patches 5 out of 5.

Bang for Your Buck (4/5)

Salonpas patches are available in bulk packs of 140 patches for less than $15.

We feel 4 out of 4 is a good score for Salonpas patches when it comes to value for money.

The Verdict Is In

Salonpas scores a 4 out of 5

You can expect very quick-acting pain relief in a convenient patch form.

Aside from doing nothing to remedy the cause of the pain in line with all topical counterirritants, you’ll get outstanding value and a product that delivers as promised.

Salonpas Alternatives




Green Roads CBD Cream is a line of natural, plant-based topical pain relief. Get hot and cold relief for a variety of pain with various CBD-infused applications.

Biofreeze Gel is another worthy alternative. The menthol-based formula works as a counterirritant. Your brain will be distracted from pain signals by the intensely cooling sensation. The result is highly effective short-term pain relief.

Tiger Balm ultra strength formula is targeted at easing joint pain, stiffness, and muscle strains with its natural pain relief ingredients. 

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