Theramine Reviews: Effective for Chronic Pain... We uncover the truth!

by Neil Simons updated 10/21/2020

Overall Pain Relief
Instant Results
Long-Lasting Relief
ease of use
bang for your buck


  • Product is clinically validated
  • Made at a cGMP facility in the US
  • Widely recommended by physicians
  • All ingredients generally recognized as safe
  • Potential benefits of attacking the root cause of pain


  • Tends to cause upset stomach
  • Diarrhea is a common side effect
  • Some users report no benefit at all

Theramine is a medical food intended to address the underlying nutritional issues beneath a range of chronic pain. According to the manufacturer, there have been 26 million doses administered with no incidence of harmful side effects. Does this stuff work, or is it a pure waste of money?

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About Thermamine

Thermamine is one of a deep bench of medical foods branded as Physician Therapeutics. Ingredients include GABA – a neurotransmitter and amino acid – and a glut of other antioxidants and amino acids with proven health benefits.

This medical food is explicitly designed for the dietary management of various disease states. Using Theramine requires medical supervision.

To get more information on Thermamine, check out our article what is thermamine.

Who Is Thermamine Good For?

Anyone with chronic pain or inflammation might benefit from trying this medical food.

People living with Arthritis, in particular, might find Thermanine provides relief alongside an existing treatment program.

How do we determine whether or not Theramine delivers as promised?

You should always consult your healthcare provider before taking any supplement.

Our Research Process

We always start our research with a deep dive into the ingredients. What we're interested in is peer-reviewed studies demonstrating the components delivered as claimed.

With Theramine, this was a lengthy job. Most of the many active ingredients come with clinical backing for the way then can ease inflammation and relieve pain. Looking to dive deeper into Theramine, check out this article what is theramine.

After we're satisfied with the ingredients – Theramine passes muster – we examine a diverse cross-section of user opinion. We check for reviews on all the usual platforms. We look into forums and other online communities like Reddit. We then distill all this information into easily comparable categories.

All that's left for you to do is decide whether you feel Theramine would ease your pain and inflammation.

Our Thermamine Review

Overall Pain Relief (4/5)

Theramine users report relief from chronic pain and back pain. Inflammation is also frequently referenced by satisfied customers.

We won't break down the ingredients in today's Theramine review – see what is theramine – but they all come with proven pain-relief properties. Many are also anti-inflammatories.

People living with Arthritis are in the majority when outlining pain relief. One user reported pain no longer feeling "to the bone" and no longer taking prescription painkillers after using Theramine to counter inflammation.

Several users detail significant relief from back pain.

We found a small amount of negative feedback. A couple of users asked what the purpose of Theramine was. A handful of other users suggested they felt no benefit after taking Theramine, and didn't provide specifics.

When we take into account the quality of the ingredients and the detailed testimony from a substantial number of happy customers, we don't hesitate to score Theramine 4 out of 5 for overall pain relief.

Instant Results (1/5)

We score Theramine only 1 out of 5 for instant results.

It could take 60 days before you start feeling the benefit of Theramine.

Long-Lasting Relief (5/5)

If you find Theramine effectively relieves your pain and inflammation, you can expect to continue receiving these benefits for as long as you take Theramine.

We give this medical food full marks for long-lasting relief.

Ease of Use (4/5)

Take two tablets twice a day with food. There's no aftertaste at all. We knock a point off because it's not ideal needing to take four tablets daily. Not only is this costly, it's hard to remember to take medication twice a day for some users.

Bang for Your Buck (2/5)

Theramine is hard to describe as good value.

A 1-month supply of tablets costs $60. Unlike most of the competition, you don't find discounts for buying multiple bottles.

Given the positive user opinion, if you suffer from chronic pain and struggle for pain relief, Theramine is well worth considering even though it's not cheap.

Considering the hefty monthly costs, we can't rate Theramine higher than 2 out 5 on the value front.

The Verdict Is In

Theramine scores a 3 out of 5.

Although this medical food seems effective at relieving pain and lessening inflammation, it takes a long time to work, and it's pretty expensive. These drawbacks dragged down the score.

While many users experience an upset stomach when taking Theramine, there are no severe side effects, and many potential benefits.

Thermamine Alternatives




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Biofreeze Gel is another worthy alternative.  The menthol based formula works as a counterirritant.  You will brain will be distracted from pain signals by the intensley cooling sensation.  The result is highly effective short-term pain relief. 

Tiger Balm ultra strength formula is targeted at easing joint pain, stiffness, and muscle strains with its natural pain relief ingredients. 

FAQ's: Consumers Questions & Answers

A 30% restocking fee for refunds on returns of 3 or more bottles on the official website, but Amazon does not require this.

Each 30-day bottle of Theramine comes with 120 capsules. Take four pills a day, preferably two in the morning and two in the evening with water on a full stomach.

You can buy Theramine online. You can also find this medical food in the pharmacies. Ask your healthcare provider for recommendations.

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